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LiberWave is helping simplify the buying and selling of textbooks while saving students money.

Meet the world’s first app to buy and sell textbooks and class notes directly to and from your classmates. Cut out the bookstores and get cash, not credits, at the prices you set. LiberWave is the first dedicated peer to peer textbook app exclusively dedicated to matching textbook buyers and sellers. Based on buyers and sellers within your area, set your prices, find a buyer/seller, transfer funds through the app and meet up to hand off the book. It’s one of those ideas that should have been done a long time ago – and it’s here now. Join the wave.

LiberWave is the easiest way to sell and buy your college textbooks . The LiberWave app is free and aimed at making life simple for college students (or anyone else in need of a textbook).

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Update: 3/2019 – We are looking for an additional co-founder, intern and partners! Join our team!

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Joshua Reola

Technical Co-Founder

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Lead Developer

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Web Design

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General Manager

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Social Media

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