“Don’t get wasted the night before a test, don’t park anywhere they could possibly tow you – and do not, under any circumstances, buy textbooks from the bookstore” – that was the best advice I ever received about college. Of course, I messed up on all three, but *insert trumpet noises here* the team at Liberwave is here to make sure that college students of the future stop messing up – well, on the last thing at least.


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For college students (for anybody really) – college textbooks are just too *insert your own words here* expensive. So what is the future of America to do? The ones with daddy’s money just go to the bookstore – the rest? They look for sources online. Usually, this is followed by procrastination in purchasing needed textbook and then receiving the book in the mail after a week of class (and that first quiz) have gone by. Every semester, like clockwork, this ritual renews. But wait! There’s something new. Now, I can go to Amazon and click “rent this book!” Problem solved? Maybe..

Look, renting makes a lot of sense, at least in the face of paying the unholy amounts that would otherwise be extracted from you when purchasing and trying to sell back a textbook. Rentals are cheaper at 1/3rd to half the price of a new book. Used textbooks are generally 75% of new textbooks costs. New textbooks are well..there’s no point in talking about those. So let’s break this down:



When you compare renting vs. buying and selling, its really comes down to restrictions vs. price.  And here’s the dirty little secret: both are rip-offs.  Renting is a ripoff- you get the book for a little bit of time, they take it right back at the end – if you damage it or lose it, you are on the hook. And of course we all know, buying and selling from bookstores is also a rip-off.  The best choice is to buy a book and sell it back via the magic of the internet.  There you can purchase a book and sell it back at pretty much the same price you paid for it.  Boom, that’s called free learning.  All you have to do is spend some time posting the book online, building seller credit on amazon and visiting the post office. Ok, so it’s not THAT easy… if only there was a dedicated marketplace that let you buy and sell books locally in app form.  Oh wait, there is: LiberWave.


Image Courtesy of Tenor.co


Put the bookstores where they belong, out of business.


LiberWave Founder & CEO
Jacob Reola




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