The value of internships

Internship. Internship. Internship. The importance of internships can’t be stressed enough. So let’s do some research on how to get one.   The first hit is about getting a job at a startup. This can’t be right?  “Doesn’t everyone want to get … Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Freshman Year at A&M

DON’T buy your textbooks early College is definitely different than high school when it comes to buying school supplies. When it comes to textbooks – wait until class starts before making any purchases! Some professors don’t use the textbooks which … Read More

This App Lets You Buy and Sell Textbooks Locally

“Don’t get wasted the night before a test, don’t park anywhere they could possibly tow you – and do not, under any circumstances, buy textbooks from the bookstore” – that was the best advice I ever received about college. Of … Read More