DON’T buy your textbooks early


College is definitely different than high school when it comes to buying school supplies. When it comes to textbooks – wait until class starts before making any purchases! Some professors don’t use the textbooks which are listed in the University Bookstore or otherwise give you ways to access the information without having to spend your money. Every professor has a different teaching style and some don’t even require a textbook, which means more money in your pocket!  As for the rest of the supplies, yeah, a pen (or pencil), a notepad and a computer – that’s all you need.

DO make new friends


Of course it’s important to make new friends! Having an active social life is very beneficial to the mind as well as your wellbeing. And the best part about college is access to tons of people. So finding people that genuinely share your interests is easier than at any point in your life so far.  So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there – create study groups or other groups based around your interests to make new friends and very likely make lifelong friendships.  Texas A&M is one of the friendliest campuses in the United States. So, don’t be shy to say HOWDY whenever and wherever!

DON’T pig out


Yes, freshman fifteen is real! The food at Sbisa may look tempting and taste great (damn those cookies), but in the long run, it isn’t worth it. In college, you have the freedom to live YOUR life! Therefore, it’s important to make smart decisions regarding your college career path -as well as what you eat.  So be a freshman the right way, hit up the rec often (all those beautiful fit people will motivate you) and eat right. Improved physical health not only makes you look great but helps you stay focused and do better in your classes too!


DO join organizations


If you have a hobby then A&M probably has a club for it! From ping-pong club to a quidditch team, there are hundred’s of clubs you can join to satisfy your hobbyist’s needs! FLO, AKA Freshmen Leadership Organization, is a great way for students to make new best friends and become leaders in their suggested career path. Keep in mind, there is also an Engineering FLO, Liberal Arts FLO and much more, and each FLO organization can offer freshman Aggies a unique experience based on the particular group’s area of interest. Join organizations you are interested in in order to do what you love and make new friends who share that same love for your interest.




I mean, you go to Texas A&M.  Also, check out the basketball and baseball teams. Freshman year is a great time to start getting into these traditions.


DON’T buy from the University Bookstore


Buying from the University Bookstore sucks.  Yea, I said it, it can be costly and is ill advised, unless, absolutely necessary (like when that book you ordered on Amazon isn’t going to get here until middle of the semester). Do whatever you can to game the system: some professors allow you to buy older editions, which are cheaper; however, you can’t always find the book you want from the university bookstore. So, and, since you are on this website, I assume you knew this was coming: Use LiberWave!  It connects university students to buy and sell their textbooks, class notes and so much more. Think about it . . . wouldn’t you want to connect with someone who already took the course in which you’re about to take? They can totally give you a heads-up on key success points for the class.  Not only that, you’ll save more money than going to the bookstore, which means more money in your pocket for you to buy that new iPhone 7 case!  hah, who are we kidding? Go get yourself that new iPhone 4s case to make your phone look like an iPhone 7.  College is about faking it till you make it sometimes.

Use LiberWave


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