Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is LiberWave?

LiberWave is a used book exchange app which works by connecting university students to buy and sell their textbooks, notes and old exams locally; in other words, a proximity student-to-student textbook marketplace.  LiberWave is designed to eliminate the bookstore leaving students with more money. The app helps you cut costs and saves you time.

How does LiberWave work?

First download the app. Buyers simply search a book they need for their class and LiberWave will use its GPS and search function to find sellers nearby who have the book the buyer needs. Once a buyer wants to purchase the book, the seller will be notified and will have 24 hours to reply back to a buyer, if not, the transaction is canceled. A buyer’s time shouldn’t be wasted; the buyer needs the book ASAP.

Once the seller has been notified, communication will begin using our built in messenger, simply set a time both buyer and seller are free and hit the meet-up button at the time and at the predetermined location for the transaction to be completed.
As a buyer, you can save up to 50% depending on how much the seller prices the textbook compared to the retail price of a textbook. That’s a bargain!


How is LiberWave better than Chegg or Amazon?

Students set the buy back price. Payments are immediate. Sellers receive more money for their books.

How does selling work?

Simply list your books by the ISBN number or name. The seller sets a price and from there LiberWave takes ZERO COMMISSION! Be aware, LiberWave will hold your money until the buyer and seller hit transaction complete, then the seller will receive the money.

How is payment secured?

LiberWave currency transactions are secured electronically via Stripe payments. All money exchange is online out of convenience and safety.

Sellers: How much will I make?

In most transactions, you will receive up to 80% of the list price of your book. Please remember, we recommend listing most books somewhere around 50% off the MSRP for current editions. And offer a lower price for older editions, this will allow you to make a sale faster and increases your chances that someone will buy your book. Don’t forget to mention details about your book to increases your chances of sales even more!

Buyers: How much will I save?

Usually, around 50%. Sellers choose the price they sell for. We also recommend not renting your books because buying and selling back saves you more money.

Things to remember when meeting up:
1) When buying or selling, you should always meet in person.
2) NEVER give out your phone number or your full name on our messenger. Just schedule a time and a place then hit meet-up!
3) When buying, never carry the cash on you payment is electronic.
4) As a buyer, you should always inspect your book before hitting end transaction.

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