$pend less. Earn more.

With our app, you buy or sell textbooks and class notes directly from your classmates.

LiberWave is the easiest way to sell and buy your college textbooks.

The LiberWave app is aimed at making life simple for college students or anyone else in need of a textbook to improve their college experience.  We will help boost grades since you now can afford your textbooks and not stress anymore about money.

The app is simple.  As a seller. All you do is post your book or notes. Upload. Wait for a buyer. That’s it!

As a buyer. Use the simple search feature to find your book or needed study material.  Once your seller approves. Meet and complete the transaction within the app.

Zero Commission

We know how expensive college is.  We take 0% commission on all transactions!

Fast Cash

Get paid instantly.  Don’t wait two weeks like our online competitors to clear a transaction or dispute.  Once you meet up with your peer, you can send payment to them immediately.


Open the app and search for your textbook via course and number, title or ISBN.  You will see books sold in your university on the map. You can even filter your results for the price range, if notes are bundled with it and even if pictures are provided of the book you are searching for.

Sell Your Study Materials

Our platform allows you to connect with your classmates that are selling their class notes or study guides. We all missed class at one point.  Meet with them and check out their lecture notes or study guides. Heck, you may even make a friend!

LiberWave App Screenshots

"I sold my textbook $60 more than the University Bookstore. "
Makala KuhrNursing - Texas A&M
"I sold my Biology binder which bookstores never buys back for $90!"
Anthony LeeNeuroscience Major - University of Texas
"I found HIST 101 class notes from a student that made an A last semester!"
Tim YapMusic Major - MSU