Internship. Internship. Internship. The importance of internships can’t be stressed enough. So let’s do some research on how to get one.



The first hit is about getting a job at a startup. This can’t be right?  “Doesn’t everyone want to get into Google or Facebook?” You’ve got a point there for sure – who doesn’t want some big name company on their resume or brag to friends and family about it? However, you probably need to think twice about that. Here are a few reasons why you can get the most experience out of interning at a startup.

You will get to do real work and earn real skills at startups

Again, startups have limited amount of employees, which requires startups to put everyone into good use. At startups, interns get assigned real tasks, even an entire program to run, if qualified. At startups, it is most likely that you will not be led step by step for your job. You will go through some struggles and eventually figure it out.

You will not only get what you signed up for, but more

Startups CREATE. At startups, your internship exposes you to all kinds of information and requires you to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. By learning all these new solutions, you add additional skill sets to your resume.

Interning at a startup teaches you entrepreneurship

Although startups are small, they usually have complete structures just like all the other established companies. As an intern, you will be welcomed to know about how the company works. You will attend regular meetings, watching how they argue and make decisions – like a real-life version of Silicon Valley. From observing the execution process, you will learn the basics about founding a business and overall about whether entrepreneurship is for you.

Network within the company

A startup at validation stage has 7-15 employees, on average. Fewer employees mean more transparency and direct communication between different departments. As an intern, instead of only knowing people who work at your department, you will be introduced to everyone – the funny marketing guy who has excellent pitching skills, the smart programmer who taught herself several programming languages, and of course, the CEO, who brought the people together to change the world. The best part? Once you are considered a qualified intern for their company, all of these passionate, intelligent people are willing to listen to your opinions on the business, be your references on your grad school application and give you their insights and advice about almost anything. Along the way of interning, you will get to know more career paths that you can take. Maybe you would enter the company as a marketing intern, but decide to become a tech employee in the future.

Network outside of the company

Networking is extremely important for startups, which means you, an intern, can have the chance to attend a lot of events. You might at first feel uncomfortable and nervous  at the events. But this is a great opportunity to practice your networking and pitching skills. People will ask about your company and you will pitch it to them over and over again. You will also get to build your own network and learn confidence and how to make conversation.

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