Safety Guidelines

Meet-up Transactions Steps At Texas A&M

1. Always try to meet up on campus in a visible, high traffic location to meet up and exchange your textbooks.  Try places like the MSC, Blocker, or Wehner.
2. Leverage the Corp Escort service. The Guard Room provides a free Corps escort service from 5pm to 7am. By calling the Guard Room at 979-845-6789, a Corps member will meet the person requesting the escort and walk with him/her to most on-campus locations.
3. Blue emergency phones. There are 115 blue light phones located throughout the Texas A&M campus. These phones are distinguished by the 12-foot pole with the blue light on top and “Police Help” written on the front and sides. This is also a great meet-up spot location.
4. Bring a friend if you’d like and always meet in a public place.
5. Use your best judgement and practice making good choices.

LiberWave also has other safety features:
-Credit Card information of the person with the transaction is on file.
-Rating/Review system is set in place to build community and trust, users with a rating below 3.5 stars will no longer be able to use the app.
-There’s an in-built chat system so you can schedule a time an place to meet up to mask your real phone number.


There are a lot of on demand apps out there and we feel it’s safer than Craigslist and Facebook group transactions.  LiberWave operates under the same concept of every popular peer-to-peer, meet-up and on-demand service like AirBnB, Uber and Lyft that people use daily.