What do we do? Here it is!

1) No more getting ripped off by the bookstore. Sell to another student nearby for the same price you would sell on Amazon. Usually this translates to getting back much more of the initial amount you spent on the book.
2) Buyers and sellers are immediately connected, simplifying the process of having to advertise to a sea of people on Facebook groups or forums.
3) Get the opportunity to network with students who took the same course. It is always good to have a head start.
4) Settle a time to meet up at one of our verified predetermined locations on campus. Our easy communication system makes the process fast and simple. Get paid immediately. No need to carry around loads of cash.

We simplify your life and eliminate:

1) Shipping and handling fees and the time to mail your books.
2) Waiting for delivery.
3) Getting cash directly vs. store credit.
4) Carbon emissions from delivery trucks, airplanes, and cardboard box waste!

It’s also a great way for university students buying and selling within any university to exchange notes and information regarding a class or professor.

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